With the onset of COVID-19, our faith community decided to start a community "u-pick" garden for Sumter County. Our hope is that we can help feed our community physically and spiritually during this crisis. We have already had several in the broader community who have partnered with us and volunteered to help - and we would love more!

The 2 ways you can help are listed below: Serve & Give.

We currently have nearly 20 varieties of plants. Each of their harvest times will be different, but we will keep this page updated as we get closer. When something is ready to be harvested we will post it here and on social media. So find us @sumterchapel on Facebook, Instagram

and Twitter!

Currently being harvested: Zucchini, Squash, Cucumbers, Peppers, & more!

Whether watering, weeding, or something else, schedule a time to come serve.
Make a one-time or regularly scheduled donation,
or Text-to-Give any amount to 8-4321.

193 Southland Road

Americus, Georgia